Annual Litter Cleaning Exam of Kittens

Meow Meow Town was buzzing yesterday as the local kittens had their annual Litter-box cleanliness exam. As a seasoned reporter cat, I just had to get the scoop.

In the exam, the kittens had to showcase their litter-box cleaning skills. They were judged on their ability to remove clumps, cover up their business, and overall cleanliness of the litter-box. It was a serious competition with some tough judges who didn’t hesitate to deduct points for any mistake or mishap.

Let me tell you, it was quite the spectacle. These little furballs were running around, yowling like they were auditioning for a cat choir. But don’t worry, I was on the scene to capture all the juicy details.

I managed to interview some of the kittens after the exam, and let me tell you, the responses were priceless.

One little kitten, Tobby, told me she thought the exam was “ruff.” “I was so nervous, I accidentally peed on the examiner’s paw!” she exclaimed with a paw covering her face in embarrassment.

Another kitten, Miley, was more confident. “I aced that exam! My litter-box was spotless and my litter-kicking technique was flawless,” he boasted.

Then there was Boots, who claimed he was falsely accused of using the litter-box as his own personal playground. “I swear I was just trying to bury a toy mouse,” he protested.

I approached a kitten who seemed to be strutting around confidently with her tail held high. She responded, “I aced the ‘digging’ section, but I may have bombed the ‘covering up the evidence’ portion.” And with that, she strutted away, leaving me in fits of laughter.

Overall, it was a hilarious and chaotic event. Who knew litter-box cleanliness could be so competitive? But one thing’s for sure, those kittens sure know how to keep their bathrooms clean. I, for one, am grateful for their impressive hygiene skills.

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