Devil’s Advocate: Interview With Whiskers, the Stray Cat Accused of Knocking Over Trash Cans at Night.

Whiskers the stray cat has been accused of knocking over trash cans at night in a residential neighborhood. Many residents are angry and frustrated with the mess he has been making. Me, Caty Zuzu, your favourite cat reporter caught wind of the situation and decide to interview Whiskers to get his side of the story in today’s episode of Devil’s Advocate.

Caty Zuzu: “So, Whiskers, you’ve been accused of knocking over trash cans at night. Care to explain?”

Whiskers: “Yeah, that’s true. But you see, Caty Zuzu, I was on a mission.”

Caty Zuzu: “A mission? What mission?”

Whiskers: “To find the ultimate snack! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect combination of flavors, and the trash cans in that neighborhood were my only hope.”

Caty Zuzu: “I see. And what did you find?”

Whiskers: “Oh, you wouldn’t believe the treasures I discovered! Half-eaten burgers, leftover Chinese food, even a pizza crust with extra cheese! It was like a gourmet buffet, just waiting for me to dive in.”

Caty Zuzu: “Interesting perspective, Whiskers. But some might argue that your actions are causing a disturbance to the humans living in the area. What do you have to say about that?”

Whiskers: “Ah, but you see, Caty Zuzu, my actions are actually beneficial for the feline community at large. By knocking over these trash cans, I am helping to redistribute the food waste that humans so carelessly throw away. Plus, it’s a great workout for my paw muscles!”

Caty Zuzu: “I see, so you’re saying that you’re not just a troublemaker, but a true champion for the cause of feline nutrition and fitness?”

Whiskers: “You got it, Caty Zuzu! My nightly trash can escapades aren’t just for fun, they’re for the greater good of our feline community. By knocking over those cans, I’m not only finding delicious scraps to feed myself, but also promoting an active lifestyle for all of us. Plus, it keeps those pesky rodents away from our territory”

Caty Zuzu: “I have to say, Whiskers, you make a compelling argument. But what about the humans who have to clean up the mess you leave behind?”

Whiskers: “Oh, those humans? They should be grateful for the extra exercise too! And think about it, they’re also helping to keep mice away from their neighborhoods. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Caty Zuzu: “Well, there you have it, folks. Whiskers, the trash can-knocking, paw-pumping, feline food saviour. Thank you for joining us today, Whiskers.”

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